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Looking for a low cost way to boost sales?

It’s a tough economic climate at the moment so every business needs to make sure that every marketing dollar or pound is working as hard as possible. Like the majority of companies, you would have spent the vast majority of your marketing budget inducing your prospects to call your company – how much budget have you set aside to handle that call once it is received? The answer is probably not much. The good news is that you don’t have to spend mega money to handle that call and at the same time boost your sales.

A simple but effective method to increase your sales is to implement an On Hold message system. Instead of leaving your callers listening to silence, play them an message on hold which informs prospects of the products and services you offer and the benefits they bring. For a minimal cost you could have a promotional message to play to a captive audience.

An on hold message is crucial to keeping your callers on the line. At a basic level, an on hold message provides comfort and reassurance to the caller that their call is being dealt with and has not been disconnected. If a caller only has silence to listen to while they wait they are more likely to hang up and are likely not to call back. A lost call is a potential lost sale and who can afford to lose sales? Your lost caller is also likely to be left frustrated and angry and may well pass on their unhappy experience to friends and family.

Messages on hold can also introduce callers to products and services they may not be aware of. Don’t assume your caller knows everything that you offer, this is an ideal time to increase awareness and exposure and to cross-sell your product lines. Studies have shown that some callers make additional purchases based on the information they hear while they are on hold.

It is also not as expensive as you may think to employ the services of a professional voice artist to record your on hold message. Professional voice talents can bring their experience of reading persuasive sales messages in a clear and credible manner. They will also provide you with a high quality audio recording to make the listener experience even more positive. So why not consider incorporating an on hold message in your marketing mix.

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What does your telephone messages say about you & your business?

If you have a professional voice talent recording your telephone greetings and on hold messages than this shows that you are company who pays attention to detail, values their customers and appreciates quality and professionalism

By entrusting their recordings to a professional voiceover they know they will receive a high quality audio recording in the audio format required by their phone system. The script would be read by an experienced narrator who can deliver a clear, persuasive and controlled voiceover.

If your company uses an On Hold message as part of their telephone recordings package, than this shows a company who looks after their callers. They know that a caller can become frustrated on hold if faced with just silence. They want to make the on hold experience as pleasant as possible and aim to provide an informative and entertaining message as well as reassuring them that they are a valued customer.

A professional on hold message should not only enhance your company image, it should also promote your company products and services. Your telephone messages should inform your callers about your general business hours, where you are located, and other frequently asked questions. But importantly your messages should say what you and your business do, how you do it and how it can benefit your callers and solve their problems. This advertising opportunity should not be missed. You have your callers undivided attention so use it to effectively promote your business. Many studies have shown that callers placed on hold actually make purchase decisions based on what they hear while they are on hold. Your telephone messages should be designed to give a positive impression about your company and the products and services you offer.

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How can my business benefit from a message on hold?

If you’re a small business owner, than every single marketing penny or cent has to count. Your marketing budget has to work as hard as you do. So one easy, cost-effective marketing strategy that you can implement now is to use On hold messages. If you have to place your callers on hold at any point, what do you force your callers to listen to while they wait? Background music, or worse still NOTHING – just silence?

If your callers are left listening to silence then not only are you missing out on a great advertising opportunity, but you are risking frustrating your callers and causing them to hang up. An abandoned call is possibly a lost sale – how many companies can afford to do that in this economic climate?

Therefore, a primary benefit of using on hold messages is keeping your caller on the line until they reach the necessary person who can answer their queries and hopefully close the sale. An on hold message can also reassure the caller that they have not been disconnected, that their call is being directed to the appropriate person and that they are valued by the company they are calling.

An on hold message is not only used to restore confidence in callers that their call is being dealt with, but is also an important ‘infomercial’ for your business. Use this time to inform callers about the products and services you offer. Let them know if you have any current promotions or discounts available. Tell callers about the benefits that your products can bring and the solutions they can provide. You have their undivided attention so use this valuable time to inform, educated and entertain your callers.

It also worth considering the benefit of using a professional voice to record your on hold message. A professional voice talent is probably not as expensive as you may think, and they can bring all their experience of reading a persuasive sales message.

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Telephone Greetings – What should I include in my On Hold Script?

If you’re reading this article than you’ve taken a wise decision to use on hold messages as part of your marketing campaign.
No longer will your callers be left holding the line wondering whether their call has been disconnected or abandoned.  Instead you can use this opportunity to inform, educate and entertain your callers by using an on hold message.
When preparing your message on hold, here are some ideas that you may like to include:

1. Tell callers about your new products and services.
2. Call attention to other divisions or related business areas and use the opportunity to cross-sell related services
3. Mention current promotions, price offerings, seasonal specials  and any available discounts.
4. Ask your callers to sign up to a newsletter or email to receive free information
5. Tell your callers about your business opening & closing times
6. Answer any frequently asked questions – doing this can help save your customer service team time and resources.
7. Share some expert tips and advice with your callers.

Once you’ve created your on hold message you now need to decide who is the best person to record it.  Instead of using a company employee why not consider employing the services of a professional voiceover artist.  A professional voice talent can provide a high quality audio recording in a audio format specific to your phone system requirements.  They are also experienced in reading sales messages and delivering them in a clear, professional and persuasive manner.  By using a professional voice artist you show that you appreciate and value your caller by providing them with a clear, easy to listen to voice and a high quality recording that doesn’t offend their ears!

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