Looking for a low cost way to boost sales?

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It’s a tough economic climate at the moment so every business needs to make sure that every marketing dollar or pound is working as hard as possible. Like the majority of companies, you would have spent the vast majority of your marketing budget inducing your prospects to call your company – how much budget have you set aside to handle that call once it is received? The answer is probably not much. The good news is that you don’t have to spend mega money to handle that call and at the same time boost your sales.

A simple but effective method to increase your sales is to implement an On Hold message system. Instead of leaving your callers listening to silence, play them an message on hold which informs prospects of the products and services you offer and the benefits they bring. For a minimal cost you could have a promotional message to play to a captive audience.

An on hold message is crucial to keeping your callers on the line. At a basic level, an on hold message provides comfort and reassurance to the caller that their call is being dealt with and has not been disconnected. If a caller only has silence to listen to while they wait they are more likely to hang up and are likely not to call back. A lost call is a potential lost sale and who can afford to lose sales? Your lost caller is also likely to be left frustrated and angry and may well pass on their unhappy experience to friends and family.

Messages on hold can also introduce callers to products and services they may not be aware of. Don’t assume your caller knows everything that you offer, this is an ideal time to increase awareness and exposure and to cross-sell your product lines. Studies have shown that some callers make additional purchases based on the information they hear while they are on hold.

It is also not as expensive as you may think to employ the services of a professional voice artist to record your on hold message. Professional voice talents can bring their experience of reading persuasive sales messages in a clear and credible manner. They will also provide you with a high quality audio recording to make the listener experience even more positive. So why not consider incorporating an on hold message in your marketing mix.

Visit www.thephonevoice.com to hear voice demos!


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